Reason and Nonsense: A Great Books Podcast

This podcast is designed to promote Great Books at Faulkner University by extending the Great Conversation to GB alumni and folks interested in reading, thinking, and doing better. Hosted by Dr. Andrew Jacobs, Director of the Great Books Honors program at Faulkner University; Dr. Joshua Fullman, Great Books Fellow and Director for Faith and the Academy; and Dr. Taten Shirley, Great Books Fellow and Director for Interdisciplinary Studies.

Episode 17: On Sticking Things Up One’s Nose, Meeting Ivan Drago, and Whose Habit is it Anyway

Episode 16: On Dreaming of Jacobs, Peyton’s Time Demons, and Donning the Habit

Episode 15: On Skinning Thumbs, Playing Hard in the Classroom, and Killing St. Valentine

Episode 14: On Giving Up, Loving GB, and the Longest Blooper Ever

Episode 13: On Eating Sand, Being Devoted to Better Devotionals, and Reading More than Taten

Episode 12: On Swanky Loos, Wrastling with Bears, and Whether Ignorance is Bliss

Episode 11: On New Years’ Artillery, Surviving the Thesis, and Fullman Wrote a Book

Episode 10: On Celebrating Christmas with Cows, Being a Ghost, and Giving Gifts to Literary Characters

Episode 9: On Avoiding Taten (in traffic), What GB Vets Like Most, and Staying Sane

Episode 8: On Competing Goods, TV’s Biggest Blockheads, and Whether Fluffy Makes it to Heaven

Episode 7: Thanksgiving Special: On Thanking Heimlich, Holy Days, and Dear Old Honest Abe

Episode 6: On Emoting like a Boss, Walking with Tigers, and Numbering Your Days

Episode 5: On the Dangers of Walking, Befriending Your Spouse, and Intergalactic Relations Between Mars and Venus

Episode 4: On Surfing Safely, College Dating–or Not, and Who Gets Voted Off

Episode 3: On the Joys and Travails of Hugging, Keeping it Steezy, and Lying on the Daily

Episode 2: On Failing History, Following the Royals, and Patching Lives with Books

Episode 1: On Being Unfunny, Reading Great Books, and Seeking the Truth Armed